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Portraits by Etienne Fang

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Just before the pandemic hit, I wrapped up a whirlwind year. I traveled to twelve countries in twelve months, interviewing and photographing over a hundred women in Singapore, Myanmar, India, Mexico, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, Liberia, and the United States.

Why? A few years ago, I began a personal inquiry into what “having it all” meant to women, starting first with interviewing forty women in my own life. After having my second child eight years ago, I made the bittersweet decision to leave my dream job in order to focus on my family for a year. Still, I felt conflicted. On one hand, I wanted to be with my children, but on the other, I loved my work. It was confusing, and I wanted to explore why. Having been a researcher for nearly two decades at large corporations, it made sense that I wanted to learn about a subject that is deeply personal to me — the choices and trade-offs that I, and all women, make regarding our work, life, and love. …

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images by Etienne Fang

A few years ago, the User Experience Research team at Uber was asked to help Product teams to “think big” before getting into annual tech planning. The ask was to create a product vision to help guide decisions, communicate direction, and motivate the broader organization. Our answer, of course, was an emphatic “yes!”…quickly followed by a “but how?”

As a user experience research leader, my work is guided by the following questions:

  • How can user experience research embed in the strategic business process?
  • How does user experience research collectively scale the impact of insights? …

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Logo design by Ryan Koziel

In the late 20th century, the dominant technological question was “How do we learn better?” …


Etienne Fang

I am a human-centered research strategist dedicated to designing impactful experiences. I thrive at the intersection of insights and storytelling.

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