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There’s tremendous amount of productivity information out there, and this is a good thing—after all, if we can get more done in less time, we should feel more relaxed, and have more time to enjoy life.

So why do so many people seem so stressed and busy, including many of those that practice productivity techniques and tools? Why do I often feel like I’m not doing enough, no matter how much I do?

As with many things, in the strive for ever-increasing productivity, we humans often take it too far. …

I once attended a church service and I almost shouted vulgarities at the the pastor when he claimed that “only a fool would not believe in Christ”.

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“How dare you call me a fool?” I thought.

Of course, now that I’ve calmed down, I understand the context and loving intention behind that statement. However, in that moment it basically made my blood boil — to the extent that I was shocked. As I sat through the rest of the service, silently fuming, I was forced to check myself…

As a non-believer, why do I sometimes get frustrated and even angry…

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You may not even realise all the decisions you make on a daily basis, because your standard reactions to common things have become habit.

Do you make an effort to appreciate the waiter that is serving you?
Do you donate what you can afford to the street performer?
Do you return the “good morning” with vigour and respect?
Do you take a moment to be grateful for your food?
Stop to adore the sound of the wind in the trees?
Smile at a stranger?
Photobomb a pose?
Laugh at a silly joke? …

Etienne Koch

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