5 Tips to Get Sh*t Done

These tips are subjective and will only work in relation to the amount of energy you will put into getting shit done.


Whether you are a full-time employee, entrepreneur or stay at home mum/dad, life can sometimes become a vicious cycle on the way to no- where.

Sadly, that’s the truth!

To quote, a pretty heavy but true quote, by Jack DeLosa:

“Most people are in a hypnosis of disempowerment. They’re living unconsciously. They’re drifting through life. They don’t understand that they are the one creating their life.”

If you’re sick of being a time waster and not living your life with passion check out my tips to get shit done.

1. Be Passionate

YES! That’s right.

There’s absolutely nothing that will bring you more drive and energy towards a goal than being truly passionate about what you do!

Passion will be a major aspect of your daily ATTITUDE to get stuff done & we ALL know that attitude is everything.

That’s not to say that you won’t have tough days where you feel like total sh*t and the only thing you will want to do is NOTHING or simply DISCONNECT, which I will write about in my next tips.

It’s 2019, there’s absolutely NO WAY, you should be doing work you hate or at last for a long period of time until you can get paid from doing what you love.

Start using the tool of gratitude to keep a positive mindset in your life.

Seek out what brings happiness in your life, something that when you are doing it you feel fulfilled.

Take time for yourself and meditate on what brings you joy. As cheesy as it sounds, it works.

So many people ask “how do I find my passion?”

To find out if you love the taste of something, you have to taste it, right?

If you only taste two or three things, how do you KNOW it’s meant to be?

It took me 15 years of trial and error to get back to my true passion!

Don’t be scared of failing or what people say, because you will find it and when you do, get ready for pure bliss of joy on an hourly schedule.

2. Set a big ass goal.

Nice, you found your passion or you’re going after it!

Now what?

You love what you do but you’re stuck in that ground-level zone of achievement where you can’t get to the next level

Or: you’re working in a job you don’t love.

Start with ONE goal, ONE thing related to your passion or to your next step towards the career.

Some questions that you might ask yourself first are;

  • How can I get there?
  • How can I monetise my passion?
  • What could I do every day to get a promotion?

The bigger they are the more important it becomes to WRITE IT DOWN!

Everything, braindump all of your thoughts and come up with one goal, which might be a project, a yearly achievement or a lifelong vision.

Now that you have your ONE GOAL on paper.


3. Break it down.

We’re talking about a journey to success here and how are you going to keep the drive in top speed?

By achieving daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even HOURLY goals.

Working towards these goals, succeeding or failing, if you’re setting yourself up you will still see progress.

Getting that dopamine “high” on a daily basis will be a HUGE factor to your attitude.

You have your goals on paper and you’ve got a visual breakdown.

Now it’s time to plan.

4. Time is precious.

Less and less undervalued, if you’re reading this, you know that time is precious!

This could have been the number one and the only tip needed if you only struggle with time management.

Meticulously, schedule your time and make YOUR time a PRIORITY.

Schedule everything.

Your sleep.

Your meditation. (I’m assuming; if you aren’t meditating, START!)

Your workout.

Make sure you schedule sets of time where you can 100 per cent focus with no distraction of any sort to power through tasks to be done on that day, during the month, etc.

This will be crucial and it’s one of the things most people don’t do.

Not setting time aside or time wasting.

Which leads me to last but not least.

5. Time Out

This might be an easy one for some people but a real tough one for other people.

Operating at full speed is really exciting & fun when you love what you do or when you’re working towards a goal that will lead to happiness, success or fulfilment.

But, if you’re constantly on the hard hustle, you can or will get tired, anxious and that’s a vicious recipe for being unproductive.


Schedule FREE time. Not related to work.

Schedule a holiday ahead. You won’t only hustle towards your dream but also towards that holiday in Greece!

You’ll be back refreshed! Full of ideas and ready to GET SHIT DONE!

You’re a miracle (literally!) and every single day that you live is a blessing, don’t waste them!

Of course, you can’t get it all done in one day, but every small little task will bring you closer to whatever you are chasing.

By following your passion, setting your goals, breaking them down, scheduling your time, and zoning out, you can make sure what you’re doing is leading you in the right path with everything you undertake and every person you meet in your journey to success.