My Seedstars Academy Journey Begins Here.

On the 11th April, 2016 , I received an email from Seedstars Academy, After reading the email I had to do a deep reflection of my entrepreneurial escapade over the years. I reflected on some successes , some failures, some heart breaks and fallouts.

After much thought, I decided to put every side project, venture, experiment on hold to concentrate 100 percent on this journey. So much is happening in Nigerian Tech and Startup Space. New startups with awesome ideas are spring up every day. Some have achieved massive successes and some failures. Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people is in need of solutions to power it economy and make life easy for it people.

Early this year I applied for Seedstars Academy, Out of 500 applicant in Nigeria, 20 participant made it to the bootcamp and 10 candidate were eventually selected (yours truly was one of them). At the bootcamp we were introduced to tool like keynotopia ( and Sprint Methodology.

First, We were introduced to an awesome business process design methodology, The Sprint Methodology.

The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

The Sprint Methodology is a five-day process ( which we did in a day to learn the methodology) for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at Google Venture, it’s involves business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

Sprint Methodology in One Minute (Video)

See the Sprint Methodology in action (Video)

Using the Sprint Methodology, we designed a product and used keynotopia for prototyping the mockup of the final product.

Keynotopia is a prototyping tool used by startups and companies to rapidly create mobile, web and desktop app mockups. At the end of the day we built our first app mockup using keynotopia.

Learn more about Keynotopia (Video)

We learnt and did a lot in one day, Imagine what we will learn and do in 6 Months. Welcome to my Seedstars Academy journey. My Seedstars Academy Journey Begins Here.

Least I forget here is Mr. Ben, Our facilitator (Founding partner, Seedstars), Great Guy and down to earth.

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