“I’m With Goodness”

Goodness means different things to different people but it is all around us and we believe it is something that should be celebrated by all. Celebrating goodness is all about seeing the glass as half full and this way of thinking is what our brand is all about. We caught up with the founder Margo Chabot of the Goodness Project and discussed all things positive and the joy that comes with sharing goodness with others.

Tell me about how you got started…

Well over 4 years ago, I decided that I was going to document uplifting and inspiring messages that surround us. At that point, I didn’t really have a clear idea of where it would go or what it would become, I just knew that I wanted to focus on the goodness that surrounds us and share it with others. As time went on I began to notice more and more goodness – not just around me, but also in situations, conversations, friends, and family! This pursuit started to change my life. And so when I started to realize that this idea, that it’s about our attention and where we put it, and that where we put it can influence and improve our realities and overall quality of life, I knew I wanted to scream it from the rooftops, and encourage others to engage with life from a place of noticing (and appreciating) all the goodness in and around them, and then eventually adding to it! And that is how project goodness began.

What is Project Goodness all about?

Project Goodness is a community dedicated to noticing and adding to the goodness in and around us. It’s basically all about building a habit of attention towards focusing on what is going well, and what lifts us up – and a part of that is our sticker: which reads “I’m With Goodness” and has an arrow. So far we have sent out thousands all over the world! Also, having the community share what goodness means to them, has become a way that we encourage and inspire each other, as has the People of Project Goodness blog – which is a place where Project Goodness community members share their experiences with goodness.

What is one of the most important lessons you learned over the course of this project?

When a message or smile that someone else shares makes a difference to my day, I am reminded of the possibility that I (and everyone) hold for doing the same. And that goodness has a ripple effect – so there are no bounds to what my/your good can do! The important thing is to know that we can all make a difference!

What advice would you give an aspiring community member?

Just start! And what I mean by that is, if there is something, some dream you have to turn an idea into a reality, come up with small DOABLE steps to make it possible! When I started Project Goodness I had no clue how to use design software, and so I designed the sticker on Pages. The same is true for my website, I didn’t have an experience with building one, but instead of putting it off, I figured out how to build one of Weebly, and continue to make adjustments and improvements until today! So don’t let the hope of something being perfect before you share it keep away your amazing additions to this world – rather “Just start!” and then continue building and improving!

Who or what would you say sparked this passion or had the biggest impact on your success?

Such a great question! For sparking this passion, I would say that a major factor was my studies in positive psychology, which is the study of the conditions that people do best plus my interest in wellness and wellbeing. As for what had the biggest impact on my success, that would have to be my extremely supportive friends and family – who not only never doubted me, but also always believed and encouraged me to keep going, and keep growing!

You’re still very involved in Project Goodness, but what’s next for you?

I want to continue growing the Project Goodness community, and spread and share its ideas with as many people as possible, my means of panel discussions, child and adult workshops, outreach programs, and eventually a book!

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What does goodness mean to you?

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