My silent heroes.

Over the last few weeks, I have been moving from strength to strength at honing my skills to be the best version of my self. Indeed it has been an informative ride. As they said from way back then, in order to propel yourself forward, you must surround yourself with greatness or people who ooze of this trait. This is what Andela has offered me, a vibrant work force that always wants you to be at your level best each time you do something. Most of the time people look at a quality product and praise the producer forgetting those that gave motivation to the producer to make a quality product.

Without doubt, during the approximately three weeks we have been here at Andela, I have learned a lot from my colleagues. At the very top of this list is one Abraham Ogol. This guy I would gladly give a standing ovation for the outstanding job that he has done during our boot camp. Abraham is one really amazing guy with a lot of funny stories from his childhood. He has a seriously amazing work ethic as he was dealing with a huge number of guys but always found time for each and everyone of us. I like to think of him as the shepherd from the bible, as the story goes, he left all his sheep for that one that got lost but that is a story for another day. Besides his humor, he can really give you sound advice and you can learn a lot from him if you are keen enough.

Then second on this list comes my pair of angels in disguise who are Warachi Morris and Kelvin Mwangi. This are the guys who you go to when the going gets tough. Kelvin Mwangi is one inquisitive guy with a serious love for Game of Thrones. He is one cheerful guy who will go out of his way to remove you from the mud when you are stuck. Warachi Morris is my ideal example of computer geek because he has never missed a solution or a way around a problem went I went to him for aid. This two guys have really made my boot camp experience an informative one for guys I met three weeks ago.

I have quite a cheerful bunch in my group with the likes of Maggie Chege, who has a kind spirit and a serious passion for the tech world. George Githinji and Andrew Njaya who are really hard workers in the team and passes this trait to all the team members. Not to forget Sam Mukuria who is a guy with a lot of insight and will gladly share it with anyone who is willing to listen. This is one bunch of individuals I will live to remember through out my life.

Finally, Kevin Kariuki, my LFA, is another individual who has really guided me through my tough times at the boot camp. He is very informative and gives you actionable feedback on time to ease the work load that you have. He actually takes time out of his busy schedule to give you pointers here and there. I can’t count the number of times this guy has removed me from landing myself in a ditch because he can see trouble coming three or four miles ahead. These are some of the guys that really made my boot camp experience a sweet ride. There are other notable mentions, but it would be impractical to mention all of them. In my native Swahili, we usually say ‘tenda mema nenda zako’ which means do well and go your way, blessing are bound to follow you. To all you guys, I salute you and would urge you to continue being EPIC in all you do.