The beginning of greatness with Andela

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and to me it was a leap of courage that turned out to unravel another side of me that I never knew I had hidden deep inside me.That urge that you finally have a chance to impact the world with your awesomeness!! Courageous you must be for you to per take in the daunting task of sending an email. Yes! You heard me right… an email, because that was all it took for me to begin my Andela journey. It all moved so fast to me that I was nearly swept up by the bliss because that is exactly how you feel when working with Andela… a rush of excitement with a vibrant modest community which aims at unlocking your true potential.

If Andela was but one man, then I would brand him the true knight in shining amour for the organization’s mission is both fair and just and so goes their slogan “Brilliance is evenly distributed while opportunity is not”. They say experience is the best teacher and to that I can attest to. I remember rather vividly the days my father used to tell me “During our days, we used to go to school without shoes!” or “Afternoon meals were but a mirage!”. Now, come to think of it, those were the good old days when a KCSE certification(Kenyan O-level) could land you a good paying gig that could allow you raise a family or at least live a good life. However, Andela is bringing back the flare.

For the new Kenya and all its inhabitants, I think it is safe to say that the tides have changed for it is in this generation that with all your education degrees and masters, you can still go jobless or fail to sustain a family. It is a new Kenya and a different set of mindset is needed to survive. The rates of unemployment all across Africa is rising and in times of need, leaders are called upon to rise for the salvation of Africa. Due to this reason, I would like to acclaim Andela for their noble and valiant efforts they are making to give me and all Africans a chance to face tomorrow with a smile and solve Africa’s future needs.

In this trying times, this African inspired organization has shed light on how to move ahead as Africa. Andela gives equal opportunity to all regardless of academic credentials. Andela boast in the ideals of “you own your own learning” or in short YOYO. This is a belief that different people learn differently. They belief in collaboration and as we say here in Kenya “Pamoja tujenge taifa” which roughly translates to the English proverb together we stand divided we fall. It seeks to create the better version of you with a supportive community whose main goal is to see you succeed.

Andela searches for the flare inside you that desires to achieve more with your life. It taps to the leader in you that has been kept dormant and could maybe never be seen. This is why I surge forward to the kickoff of Andela bootcamp this Monday, with my fellow Andela Cohort XX mates and the zeal to become a living embodiment of the Andelan values EPIC(Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration). Join me as I share the details of my experience to all those who aspire to have the chance to impact on our great continent. This is Africa, This is Andela #TIA.