Two years ago, in August 2018, we wrote about California’s record-breaking fire season that saw more than 11 severe blazes burn a combined total of 820,000 acres. By the end of the year, 1,975,086 acres had burned.

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Devastatingly, 2020 has beaten 2018’s record by almost twice as much. …

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Photo Credit: Elen Toodu

In the last two years, we applied Planet OS data sets to visualize the snow conditions before Christmas. This year, we decided to take a look into snow conditions again to find out whether or not we will have a snow-filled holiday season. For this analysis, we used a high-quality snow cover dataset and the Planet OS API.

Each year before the holiday season, snow is the main conversation topic among people in the Northern regions as they wonder whether there will be a snowy-white holiday season. But, it’s not only the people who eagerly anticipate snow during the holidays — seasonal snow is a very integral part of our planet’s climate system. It helps both regulate the temperature of the Earth’s surface and maintain a healthy energy balance. …

Over the past few months, the Planet OS Datahub has integrated another series of brand new datasets. Each of these datasets has been carefully selected and curated based on our community feedback.

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Credit: Yu-Kato

The first batch of datasets consists of advanced wave models. Our users have expressed high interest in historical wave data, so we prioritized the acquisition of the Météo France Global Ocean Wave Analysis dataset. …


Eneli Toodu

Data Integration Engineer at Intertrust Technologies Corporation

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