Nothing Was The Same

I woke up and nothing was the same. This wasn’t the same bed I slept in every night. This wasn’t the room I woke up in every morning and went to bed in every night. The views weren’t the same. It was the furthest thing from where I was before. Everything was completely different. It’s like my life was flipped, turned upside-down. I couldn’t take it. It seemed like too much. At that moment, someone came into the room. It wasn’t anyone I remember. It was unreal. It felt like a dream. From that time, I knew something was wrong. “Is something wrong, sir?” the man said. To him, it seemed suspicious that I had so much energy in the morning. Was it even morning? I turned my head to a clock and it read 9. “I’m fine, uh, just leave me alone, just for right now,” I replied to him in an attempt to make some more time to figure just what was going on. “Yes, sir,” he turned and left the room. His attire seemed like that of a butler. Now that I looked at it, the room seemed bigger than usual and my bed wasn’t as small as it used to be. I heard some music playing outside and that’s when it came to me. That was my song. A song I performed the night before. I was dreaming last night, dreaming about what my life was before being discovered. The life I’m living now, is much different. It’s completely different. I started from the bottom. The person I was is still here but in a different environment. He was living the life but now, as I wake up in my bed, I realize that I shouldn’t forget about that boy. The boy that turned into a man just through a few songs. I was different but I was the same. I shouldn’t forget my roots. I should remember where I came from, for that’s who brought me here to where I am now and I grateful to him. I’m grateful to myself.

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