Revitalizing Our Presence: Introducing Our Fresh and Futuristic Brand Identity

By Ayşegül Eren Assistant Project Coordinator, Etrexio

3 min readJun 9


Today, we are thrilled to introduce our new brand identity, an embodiment of our commitment to progress and evolution. We firmly believe that shaping the future starts with shaping ourselves. We have embarked on this transformative journey, embracing a modern and visionary visual identity that will propel us towards an exciting tomorrow. Let’s take a closer look!

Recognizing the Need for Change

Prior to embarking on this transformative process, we identified several shortcomings in our existing brand identity that hindered effective communication with our audience across various channels, products, and messages. These challenges included inconsistencies in our logo usage, unclear guidelines for logo placement, unclear brand colors and typefaces, a lack of cohesive style for icons and assets, and the absence of established design guidelines and a style guide.

Collaborating with Visionary Designers

In our pursuit of a solution, our team of talented designers embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of our visual brand identity. This intricate process required considerable time and effort, but we are immensely proud of the results they have achieved. Our new brand identity is now ready to be unveiled and implemented across all our profiles and web properties.

A Holistic Approach to Rebranding

Our rebranding project encompassed various elements, each carefully considered to create a cohesive, modern and futuristic brand experience:

New Logo: Our logo has undergone a transformative edit, aligning it seamlessly with our brand image and ensuring its adaptability across diverse occasions. The refined design now exudes consistency and enhances its usability across various platforms.

Evocative Typeface: As part of our quest for a more contemporary and forward-looking visual identity, we have replaced the previous Helvetica font with the sleek and futuristic Proxima Nova. This font choice adds a touch of sophistication to our brand communication

Vibrant Colors: We have bid farewell to the old monotonous palette and embraced a bold and dynamic color scheme. Our new primary colors are purple and blue, evoking a sense of innovation, inspiration, and trust. These colors will infuse our brand assets with vitality and reflect our quest for collaborating with people.

Streamlined Icons: Our previous icons were characterized by a playful and colorful style. However, as part of our drive to establish a clean, concise, and minimalistic brand presence, we have transitioned to black and white icons. This minimalist approach ensures consistency and simplicity across all our visual assets.

Introducing Gradients: To further enhance the visual appeal of our brand, we have introduced three new gradients — Azure, Indigo, and Violet. These gradients exude a sense of depth, sophistication, and excitement, complementing our overall brand aesthetic.

A Transformed Brand Experience

With these changes, we are confident that our new brand identity will create an engaging experience for our community and stakeholders. By aligning our visual elements, we aim to establish a strong brand presence that resonates with our target audience.

What to Expect

While we are excited to showcase our new assets, logos, and icons, we invite you to dive deeper into the transformation by exploring our comprehensive Branding Guide . This document provides an immersive visual journey, offering insights into the evolution of the Etrexio brand and detailing our new asset types.

Stay tuned as we unveil the new Etrexio brand across all our platforms, and brace yourself for a future of innovation and inspiration!




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