User Interface Design in Mobile Games — Part 1

By Leman Beril Sunay UI/UX Designer, Etrexio

3 min readMar 3, 2023

As a UI/UX designer, it is very enjoyable for me to design mobile applications and website interfaces. But today, I want to talk about mobile game design, which is a different experience for me. Mobile game design has some differences compared to mobile application designs. I will talk about what I considered in my design process.

So, how do we design a game that is loved and downloaded by users? Well, mobile games are often downloaded based on first impressions, and the UI is an important factor in how users rate the game. The user should easily understand the different features and the game becomes easier to use. In a good design, the user should navigate the game easily and quickly find the features they are looking for. This way, the user plays the game longer.

The important point when creating a user interface for mobile games is that the user interface should be user-friendly and visually appealing.

My article will consist of 2 parts. In the first part, I have listed some points that need to be considered below. You can read more in the second part!

Differentiation: There are so many mobile games today that users can download and play. A game with a well-designed and visually appealing user interface stands out from the rest.

Consistency: Consistency is important in all aspects of UI design, including mobile games. It means using consistent visual elements, icons, and typography throughout the game (or any mobile app) to create a consistent design.

Simplicity: The interface of a mobile game should be as simple as possible, the user should be able to navigate the game easily. There should be clear and easy-to-understand labels, icons, and instructions.

Responsiveness: It should be easy to tap or swipe elements like buttons and menus in a mobile game interface. When the user performs an action, it should provide visual and audible feedback.

Visual Hierarchy: It should be designed with a clear visual hierarchy where the most important items are highlighted and the less important items are not highlighted. This helps users find the information they need quickly and navigate the game more easily.

Aesthetics: The visual design of a mobile game interface should create an enjoyable experience for the user and the player’s interest should be kept alive. A visually appealing and consistent design includes color, typography, high-quality graphics, animations and effects.

In this part, we talked about how important interface design is in games and touched on a few critical points. For more, you can read part 2 of my article.




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