Do the next right thing

Yesterday’s task is complete. Now I have another task to “create a full backup of my iPhone” before visiting the store. This will be the challenge I’ll tackle this weekend.

As I mentioned in the post “Asking a favor”, I am a bit concerned about our older two kids’ English writing skills — For the record, I am also concerned about our youngest son’s English skills in all areas, but that’s for another post. Anyway, recently I was shocked to discover that our middle son doesn’t know how to spell certain 2nd grader level words. I was kicking myself about not keeping up with spelling practice for kids after we moved to Japan 2 years ago. When I was telling someone about it yesterday, she said to me “Well, you can beat yourself up about it, but it’s not really helpful, is it? Just think, “what is the next right thing”? When you come up with something, just do that”.

She is right. In a way, I have already taken a step towards the next right thing, which is to find a tutor to address that challenge. I am happy to report that the mom I wrote to responded and I now have a lead for a writing tutor. Taking action towards the solution I can think of right now helps me to feel less anxious. When you are less anxious, you also come up with more creative ideas. Beating yourself up is not only unproductive, but it also affects your overall happiness negatively. I know all of this intellectually, but actually putting it into practice is a different challenge.

Originally published at on February 4, 2017.

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