Neocities and Neodistricts
Yury Lifshits

Very interesting idea — something I dreamt of, but never understood how this can be possible (or why no one has done it yet). Looks like you have a plan, and it looks really cool! I was taking down questions while reading, but most of them were answered later on in your article. You thought through a lot!

Couple concerns though:

  1. How to balance the rights of residents and interests of the city/investors? If there is no good mechanisms for that we can see “company stores” v.2.0.
  2. Such city clearly has no plan for social support — that would be against the interests of the investors. This will make those cities suck employable people out of the rest of the country, leaving unemployable in the old cities, and increasing social and financial problems there. I wonder how hosting nation will address these issues.
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