Roswell UFO Crash What’s the Truth

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Roswell, NM UFO crash which happened on July, 7th 1947.

That got me to thinking about what really happened that day.

The original story from witnesses was a medium saucer-shaped craft fell to Earth and two humanoids were pulled out and taken away. Witnesses said they looked like they were unconscious or perhaps dead. The local police also said the same thing.

Soon after the US military arrived and took over the situation. After which, the local police changed their story and said that no bodies were found and the craft was not alien.

The military of course said that the craft was just a weather balloon. So what really happened at Roswell?

Are all those witnesses wrong? <a href=””>Learn all about it here</a> and towards the bottom of the page is the radio news report the day after the event.

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