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Image from Eliasson L. and Johnson M. (2018). Thesis: Adapting the Urban Metabolism Analyst Model for Practical Use within Local Authorities. Challenge Lab.

Last month I attended the retirement ceremony of my PhD supervisor — Prof Hans Westerhoff — from his professorships in Amsterdam. His invitation came as a nice and unexpected surprise — even more so, considering my not so recent carrier change that marked my departure from the world of Systems Biology (where Hans is one of the world’s most renown experts) and my arrival to the as-exciting field of Smart-Cities.

As all brilliant scientists, Hans likes to recognise patterns and commonalities across different venues of scientific enquiry. It is not by chance that his academic farewell celebration was also the occasion for him to host a scientific conference where the theme was how the Systems Biology approach may be applied to understand and address the complexities of our society and stir its development towards desirable outcomes. …


Ettore Murabito

My interests are in both technology (Smart-Cities, Blockchain) and spirituality (Consciousness, Meditation, Personal Growth, etc.). I write about them all.

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