Great Britain

Great Britain consists of England and Scotland. In 2016 they voted for if they should leave the European Unions or remain. England voted for by 53.4% to 46.6%. The consequences came as I shock to many, because suddenly some family and friends had to leave because they were immigrated.

Great Britain’s Culture

Their drinking habbits is a great part of their culture. The pubs are filled with people and joy, at any time of day. They are also serving food, and they are almost garranteed to have fish and chips.

Here is a picture of the famous author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. He wrote, among other works, Lord of The Rings. In his books he invented serveral languages, inspired from finnish.

And here is a picture of the famous rock band Led Zeppelin from the 1960’s. At one point they were greater/more popular than the beatles. The band later faded away because of their front man’s tragic loss of his 5 year old son who died of a stomach virus.