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I have had the good fortune to work for and with both large and small organizations ranging from government to sports and consumer electronics.* Outside of the respective industries which set these experiences apart, they all share the common trait of establishing a mission that evolves with the organization. The mission is built on a set of values; again, the organizations shared the common trait of establishing these values as both external and internal guiding principles.

The mission and values bring employees, vendors, management, customers and media together to celebrate the successful achievements, and when necessary are used as leverage for change whenever one of these groups decides that the organization is off mission. How do these different stakeholders evaluate the organization and establish their perspective on what was on or off mission? Changing times bring new perspectives and relationships to the organization’s mission while in my experience the core truths, the why behind the values change little over time irrespective of the stakeholders.

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The last 7 years my own small organization expanded and then contracted, saw opportunities taken and missed, experienced successes and failures. Each of these stages related to the alignment and misalignment between my own mission and values and those of the organization and employer/client/customer. Simply put, we were no longer on the same mission even when we continued to share some values together. Today I find myself at the end of 2 years of reflection armed with more knowledge and experience than I had before. The knowledge that anything is possible if you do it, and the experience to focus on doing better.

Better is not perfect, and we are not the best, but looking forward I see deeper bonds based on shared values and mission alignment. Closer connections to the people and organizations whom I work with and for. Open communication and fearless exploration of what and how things can be improved, together.

Below are the values I am setting down for myself and my organization. These values will serve as the why behind decisions made and opportunities taken. They will guide my own projects’ missions and help evaluate your mission to make sure that we can do better together.

  • commitment
  • freedom
  • alternativity
  • sustainability
  • inclusivity

Learn more about one of my own concepts, Retail ReCycle, below. Retail waste is huge, and there are steps we can take together to make a difference.
If this mission fits yours, or our values align I would love to hear from you.


Retail ReCycle

Our mission is to create the first second-life supply chain for ‘end of concept‘ retail furniture, displays, PoS, and PoP.

Alternative, Sustainable, Committed

* US Marine Corps, adidas, The North Face, Vans, Skullcandy, Fairphone

Strategist and Consultant focusing beyond the point of sale.

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