Risk It All Or Never

This post is specifically for the young entrepreneurs who have been tutored to minimize risk at all cost.

To start with, last year, The business I had ventured into collapsed and I’ve picked it up this year. Though, I lost huge bucks, but it isn’t in comparison to what I’ve garnered, the holistic experience and expertise as to how to uptrend it this time around to whatever the direction I choose to upend.

I'm of a firm believe that the right time to take bigger risk is while you're young. I've tried it, I've learnt it, and I'm still going to risk it all regardless.

Spare me the tedium of this supposed phrase, "take calculated risk"... As this was only interwoven to safe the ass of the oldies who couldn’t underwent the dire consequences regarding higher risk. However, I’ll advise you as a young entrepreneur to bluff off those gospelers who’re tending to engulfed you into the obsolete yet rat race of playing safety.

It doesn't work now! Risk it all and have it all or risk nothing/little, then lose it all.

To be candid, I had been playing this safe game of a sort from inception but all was to no avail...so I decided to go contrary since I’m often a contrarian to some cause, and It certainly did hit me as in the pink.
As a matter of fact, it was doing my heading when I lost almost all the start-up investment. But my coming back was stupendous as It allowed me all the time full of emotion to somewhat analyze critically the pros and cons in the niche I’d ventured into. Sincerely, I would have never gone that extra mile should I have ripped the first fruits and hence, would consequently accumulate for future encumber which would definitely cost a fortune.

As a young entrepreneur, I prefer you take risk with an absolute certitude that it's satisfactory.

Above all, I advise you set up and balance your business before you venture into what I call “marital business deal". 
Confident in the truth of it, marriage per se, may somewhat be variant, but it’s undeniably the biggest business so far, therefore, it’s wrong to build a family alongside with business. I’m not doubting the possibility anyway. But I do know this much that creating a business in sync with a marriage biz and all the tediousness that comes with it is of no difference than attending a school at old age. The sole purpose isn’t so much on acquiring the knowledge involve, but to obtain the "certificate" for job promotion or something. The same is applicable when you’re cojoining the creation of business with family. 
Put into due consideration the toughness and challenges that comes within these pair and abstain yourself from it.

Once again, don’t be afraid to risk it all while you’re young…

If it don't break you.... It doesn't make you...