The conservative to getting anything done

Many a time in life, we tend to give it in to trivial thoughts and false hope that are somewhat incongruous to our predetermined plans… these occurrence comes in different concept such as;

  • Allowing our mind to wander around the things we we’d experienced in the past
  • Giving in to the external influences
  • Afraid of trying so as not to fail
  • Getting stalk due to tediousness
  • Giving up because there’s no support.

And so on and so forth… though not limited to the aforementioned.

Whatever your case May be, it’s quite certain that you’ve had plans that you couldn’t accomplish owing to some reasons. Whether or not your afflictions is stated above, I want you to know that it makes no difference as all of it is technically tackled in the same way.

Without beating around the bush, let me quickly walk you through the formula I personally applied for the past 18 months that’d really worked for me, though I tried various things to keep me focus in my daily routine without giving up. Some were bored and repugnant. Regardless, I kept on adjusting as the days went by. Not until I finally came to settle with this final rule which I believe in utter utmost will work for you regardless. I’m not saying you should totally stick to this rule as to being a copycat without minding to readjust, but following this process to having clue would suffice.

To start with. “The rule of 66 days for perfect achievement” is what really embolden me to be consistent and persistent in any new stuff I venture into. This rule is stated as thus, “ You can achieve or become a professional in anything provided you get it done consecutively for 66days.”

Sincerely, I was somewhat skeptical about this rule when I first read it on Michael Hyatt blog. But I had given it a shot since I was suffering from a slackened syndrome and was desperately wanting to be dogged at all cause.

Be that as it may, I first started out applying this formula with reading 📚. To be candid, I was allergic to reading anything both on mainstream, social medias and books. If it was necessary I must get a vital information from a particular bespeak, then I had better skimp it through to get the information than wasting time reading the whole pages. Consequently, the ramifications had been very poor to this regard.

That said, after applying the aforementioned rule, I’m very proud to say it worked as I’m now an omnivorous reader.

The good thing about this formula is that, it doesn’t require a specific daily time table you need to get it done unlike other rules which get to stick you to a particular time frame you must not miss if you need to adhere.

Rule of 66 respect your daily time schedule, but you must make certain you get it done no matter the time of that day.

Therefore, if you can keep on iterating your supposed task consecutively for 66 days. I guarantee you’ll become an expatriate no matter your niche and definitely, there’ll be professionalism at your service.