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I guess my question would be, what is your definition of love? Love is not an emotional tingly feeling we get when we hear the person we care about say, “I love you”. That’s completely based off of our emotions and not a true depiction of love. You mention the bible. You must be familiar with corinthians and the “love passage”, right? If you understood that passage correctly, love endures. It hopes. It’s kind. Among other things. The point is, love is not present in a moment’s notice and then gone. It is not fleeting, where it is here one day and gone the next. It takes work to love someone because that early stage of the relationship — where everything is easy and blissful — is an unrealistic stage. It’s a stage where we’re not able to evaluate the flaws of the individual and still love them through it. When we’re able to serve someone even if it’s inconvenient and the last thing we want to do, that’s love. Sure, it’s easy to write little notes and make breakfast for someone in the first couple months of dating, but do you love them enough to sustain that behavior 4 years down the road when you’re exhausted?

I digress. Thanks for reading, Keno, and I appreciate your thoughts. Although they differ from mine, I’m glad you were able to read this and think with your own mind about it. Thanks again!