Okay.. I get it now
Amy Gray

While, it is true that just writing is a great way to get started, eventually you will cling to a certain subject or topic that holds what you’re passionate about. The great thing about medium is that there are publications and writers for all sorts of subjects. Once you find what you want to stick to, you’ll be able to connect to a community of writers and readers that share your interests and you’ll start to build what people are working for.

Of course, you don’t have to just write about one thing. I’ve written about love, self improvement, writing, and my home town. For the most part, I try to stick to helping people get better every day because that’s what I love and who I care about. Some people choose politics, poetry, etc.. There are even publications like “100 naked words” that encourage exactly what you’ve posted about- writing every day and continuing to work that muscle.

The biggest thing I tell people in articles I write — don’t give up. Keep writing, especially if you want to build a following or a small community of regulars that like to check in and see what you had to say today. Also, take a follow and remember, half the battle is over, you’ve recognized that writing something on the big white space is progression.

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