army of women

have you ever seen an all-women army? i have. i see us every day.

i hope that you have; that you have encountered an army of women. i hope that the kinship and spirit nips at your ankles, in a gentle way that intrigues you. that the thick tar of sisterhood reaches out to bring you to a warm place to rest.

it is the most beautiful sight, you see. and a cathartic feeling. the army of women that i know brings us peace. every time i feel the army with me i am introduced to myself again. i find another room in this body i call home; a new layer of the self i thought i knew. it is peaceable process, getting to know yourself better than you did yesterday.

ready to meet you where you are, accept you as you are. it is okay to be lost here, to want to be swallowed up by your army of women. please allow yourself to be vulnerable and broken here. bring your sick soul. i happen to believe most of us arrive with a soul that is broken in one way or another. to have an awake soul in these times takes its toll on our souls. you will feel right at home. this army of women is yours and ours.

yours and ours. yours and ours.

you are not damaged, stolen, alone, a shadow, a shell, nor unworthy here. here is where you can come to create another world. create the next thirty years and beyond, for your army of women will need you for the eternities ahead.

yours and ours. yours and ours.

i believe in other women the way some people believe in god. i believe in the things we, women, create for and with each other the way some believe in the kingdom that god created for his children. a creation story of sisterhood. born out of a beautiful necessity. an explanation for the things we cannot control. the force that tells us you are in the right place or nudges us where we need to go; that’s what women are to me. the genesis of my human experience.

i am a shelter, at least i hope, to other women. they feel safe when they put their soul in me. i feel the same when i do the same in them. let us build ourselves inside of each other; use our army to build each other up. giving the space we need to be the shelter for the next one who needs us. for she will come; the bitter truth.

many shelters come together and we establish and declare ourselves a village. from army to village. we will know when the peace is upon us. villages of women exist in me.

the generations of matriarchs before me merge to meet me here. without them i become the dust of corners of the universe again. i am nothing without the villages of women that built the shelters that come from the army of women i have known.

and for the ones i have not known, not yet, well- i can still feel them fusing to meet me as the woman i am.

it is so nice to meet you. allow me to introduce you to my army of women. we are radiant and couldn’t have done it without you.

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