Banking for e-residents: Your key questions answered

Excellent article which stated the exact situation and condition of banking. I with my partner visited Tallinn for the same purpose, and we hit a dead-end, when we came to know opening a bank account may not be a cake walk for us. We had approached SEB Bank, LHV & Swed Bank. While there was a common criteria from the banks’ end to show an Estonian connection, SEB gave us no time to explain and rejected the application in 2 days. But Both LHV & Swed Bank had wrote back to us, wanting to know more about the business plan and how we are going to work etc. And we had an approval from LHV within a week. Subsequently Swed Bank also wrote back to us, but we need only one business account to start our work so we continued with LHV. And experience with LHV has been unmatched and top class. We will in in Tallinn in March, but we can access the bank account right from New Delhi, through the digi card, and can do almost all the things which we can do with our home banking. Kaspar and his team also helped us a lot while we were lost in policies. My take for a successful bank account would be 1. Clear & strong Business Plan, 2.Business involves EU nations, 3. Estonia as a hub should also benefit from the activities, 4. Owners willing to be more involved with actual business activities, not just establish a company.

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