What Are the Main Steps in Writing an Astonishing Essay?

This article will give you hot tips for essay writing and will teach you how to write essays that would guarantee an A+.

Writing a great essay is all about following a set of rules and your creativity. Essay writing is part of what you do in English class. Teachers use essay writing to assess your grasp of English language, your composition and your creativity. What you are about to read below will give you essay writing tips and secrets to writing astonishing essay.

Best Tips for Essay Writing

1 Understand the Composition of an Essay

An essay is basically structured into three basic parts: An introduction, a body of information and a conclusion.

The introduction: Begin your essay with a sentence that casts a spell on your readers. You have to be start with something that would make them read more. An introduction gives the reader an idea of what to see in the rest of the article. You don’t want to mess that up.

Body: The body of your essay is meant to further discuss the topic you have introduced. It should have one-three paragraphs. An outline could help you organize your thoughts as you write. Start with a sentence that introduces the point, and make sure you sound interesting as well. The sentences that follow in the middle should provide further information about the subject matter, while you drive home your point in a concluding sentence. Start a new idea on a paragraph. Let your paragraphs flow in a chain, so that each idea will be a logical progression to the next. Keeps the paragraphs short and write concisely.

The conclusion: The closing of your essay should be a paragraph that finalizes and summarizes the points you have made in the body of the text. It is also a place where you offer your opinions, lessons, insights and recommendations.

2 Get inspired — Create Ideas

Ideas do not come that easy every day. The catch here is to be able to inspire yourself at any moment. One way to do this is by practicing the mind dump. Open a blank document and write whatever comes in your mind without stopping until you have written three pages. You should find lots of ideas among your dump.

Another way of getting essay ideas is by research. You can browse on the internet or outside the web. You will find ideas that will inspire you into creating yours.

3 Keep the Grammar Fresh

This is one of the tips on how to write an essay you should take serious. You need to ensure you use correct grammar in your work, you will find lots of resources online that should help you improve.

4 Write in your own Voice and Vocabulary

More important than grammar is language. Ensure you use more of an active voice than a passive one. Find your voice in your writing and let your emotion show through every sentence you make. When you write about your passion, make sure your readers feel your emotions.

Take a strong stance in what you believe in and use a positive language. You’re better off writing about what you are for than what you are against. Use your own voice and vocabulary and steer out of plagiarism.

5 Describe Specifically

Your descriptiveness can earn you good points. Use it. Make use of all your senses, putting the reader in your position. You want them to experience what you had. It will add some thrill to your work.

6 Views and Tenses Consistency

If you’re writing a personal essay, stay personal. You cannot be in the mind of others. If you do that, you’d spoil your essay. You can write in the present or past tense, but whatever you do or whichever tense you use, be consistent.

7 Edit, Proofread, Read

Ok here’s one of the writing essay tips you should take note of. Editing is one of the most important parts of the essay writing process. Edit your work for grammar, sentence structure, content clarity, plagiarism, etc. You could get another set of eyes to proofread for you. Now, read it again from start to finish, to be sure you’ve done a great job.

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