Tonight’s Sanity Run

Today has been a shaky day, and somehow I never got round to getting out for a run, despite knowing what a difference it would make.

This evening, I got out. I put my headtorch on, my flourescent waistcoat, my reflective armband, my shoes, and my running backpack and out I went. Not far — according to Fitbit, I did 4 km at a little over 6.25 mins per kilometre, alternating between 30 seconds running and 30 seconds walking.

A quick shower and I feel much better, the tremor that has plagued me today has gone. I’m hungry though!

I realise that in order to appreciate the benefit of the sanity run, I have to get over the barrier that keeps me indoors. As it happens, it was quite mild and I was probably overdressed, but all that didn’t matter once I was out, putting one foot in front of the other.

I am a fifty-something Mancunian, living in Edinburgh. I have Parkinson’s and am currently in training for the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2022.