And after that, we didn’t talk.

The sun was up and the wind felt like autumn

I took a step back to see if the steel slides were open

It wasn’t

I followed the mud-covered pebbles and trail of dried orange-like leaves

And as I raised my head to see where it was headed

My eyes grew wide


In your loose shirt between the color of violet and green.

I took a few more steps

And we were a heartbeat away.

But you moved past me like a stranger

You stood at one end of the line while I stayed at the other

And For a second, I felt it

Your eyes fixed on mine from a distance

Your gaze pierced into my soul

It felt like I had to look at you too

But I opted not to

I walk past you like you did

One foot before the other


It was quiet

And the metal hinge cracked cutting that silence

And after that,

we didn’t talk.