Chris Skilton

When it comes to generating value from digital, how would you rate the “fitness” of your organisation today? Are you the accomplished athlete? Do you have great endurance but lack in flexibility or strength? Do you often feel digital fatigue? Gaining digital fitness is perhaps the most beneficial investment any organisation can make. Nowadays being able to take advantage of fully integrated digital tooling to provide strategic data views, and richer customer experiences, is intrinsic to success.

Digital fitness refers to is how deeply your organisation is focused on, and invested in, building effective digital practices. Organisations that fail to…

We’ve all seen the impact that technology can have on conventions. There are numerous examples of companies left in its wake, clutching on desperately to a business model that now fails to meet expectation. Executive boardrooms that one day played venue to multi-billion dollar dealings, seemingly transforming in to Pripyat wastelands the next. And to many business leaders, unfamiliar with the complex substructures of this technology revolution, the threat must have seemed radioactive — an invisible wave of destruction.

The fallout of this unquantifiable threat (given its potential for those on the wrong side of the narrative to suffer devastating…

Chris Skilton

General Manager at Euclidean

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