ECL to be listed on Uniswap today

Uniswap listing is a very important step for Euclideum ahead of ArchimeDEX launch. It’s important for all ECL holders, too: now they can benefit from liquidity pool rewards.

Why participate in liquidity pools

The main advantage of listing a token on Uniswap is that there will always be liquidity for trading. As you may know, DEXes in the past suffered from low liquidity: people wanted to sell or buy a token but it was hard to find a counterparty to fill the order. On Uniswap, this problem doesn’t exist. The price depends not on supply and demand but on how much liquidity is deposited.

How are pool rewards calculated?

Uniswap charges a 0.30% fee on every trade. It’s higher than on centralized exchanges, but all this money goes to liquidity providers. So the more people trade on Uniswap, the more is collected in fees and the more you earn.

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