How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?

There’s no longer breathing room in our lives.

We can’t wait in line, watch a sunset, or even use the bathroom without taking out our tiny devices to fill an imaginary void. When these small gaps are constantly filled, we close the room our creativity needs to flourish.

The best ideas are claustrophobic. They need space.

How do you make this space for yourself?

  • Hiking in the woods?
  • Getting lost in a new (or old) city?
  • Cooking six-course meals for friends and family?
  • Playing an instrument?
  • A silent meditation retreat at home?

When was the last time inspiration struck you? What did you do to best facilitate it striking? What did you do to make space to write this writing prompt?

Tell us about it. Tell us about the last time you put your imagination in the driver’s seat and let it take you on an adventure. Tell us what works for you to get aligned, find clarity, or get inspired.

Paul in his natural habitat — the West Coast.

“I sometimes spend hours a day in the woods, by myself, exploring. When I tell people this is how I get productive with my writing and design work, they think it’s counter-intuitive. But it’s the opposite — the more space I make for my creativity, the more easily it comes out when I need it to.

Paul Jarvis, author & designer