Living in a roller coaster

Hi eucurious,

I’m David Bremond, the founder and owner of eucurio.

Many of us dream of creating their own business but the fear, the bills, the mortgage and the private situation avoid us from doing so.

I had what it felt like a dream job in a multinational company but after a few years I had the feeling I wasn’t following my purpose and not living to my full potential. No facts, but some great inspiration and my guts made me change this path.

Since the beginning of the experience last November I’m living an emotional roller coaster, and my feeling is that this is not going to stop soon.

I will share with you, on a regular basis, my thoughts, vision, motivations, ideas, feelings and my experience on my journey as a business owner.

Pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone is my new mindset and writing to you is just staying true who I want to be. And this even if I’m scared of reactions, comments and showing vulnerability.

If dancing with my fears can inspire and help at least one person to bring positive change in the world I will just be grateful.

I will be back soon

Until then,

Edel Bleiben (Stay Classy)

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