The smog of fears

In the last years I have been reading a lot of books and blogs on fears and how to live with and overcome them. The first post showed me that it is easier read than done. Your support made me feel great but at the same time a smog of stress, pressure and fears surrounded me all week.

I think, that as the first post was a surprise, it was difficult to disappoint anyone. Now, at least I think, people are expecting something and I’m scared of critics and judgment. I knew, from the theory, it would come but not in these proportions.

This post confronted me with my issues that are following me for the last year and probably blocking me doing things that I should have done, such as being confident to present eucurio and myself to a larger audience of people.

I didn’t expect it when I started but this blog puts me in a situation where I can’t find excuses to walk away from my fears. I feel responsible of what I promised and this even if people might not like it, if I could be criticized and rejected.

I am in the middle of the process and people that I admire and respect are ahead of me. Take the example of the creators behind the brands that are represented on eucurio. They all took a lot of risk to create something deeply personal, based on their story and experience. Every creation is for them a new internal fight. But the result is very creative, highly authentic, and creating an emotional connection that inspires me.

We all have fears that avoid us from making big leaps and living to our full potential. Yours are probably different than mine but the process is the same. Which habit will you create to overcome them?

I will be back soon

Until then

Edel bleiben ( Stay classy)