Forty Seven Bank — A Revolutionary Idea in the World of Financial Services.

The platform projects itself as a modern universal bank designed to benefits users of both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies (cash).

What Forty Seven Bank does is to integrate crypto and fiat as well as connecting the dots between traditional technologies and the blockchain in a seamless manner.

Built by a team well versed in finance and IT, Forty Seven Bank guarantees that the project will deliver as promised with features that could potentially change how we bank in the future.

Forty Seven Bank will provide innovative, secure, and user-friendly financial services and products for every type of client base including individuals, businesses, developers, and even government authorities.

Mission of Forty Seven Bank

The mission of Forty Seven Bank and management team is to provide safe, innovative and user-friendly financial services and products to our customers individuals, businesses, developers, traders, financial and governmental institutions. 
Forty Seven Bank is a bridge capable of connecting two financial worlds and establishing efficient communication between them, a communication that will open up possibilities to level up the whole modern financial system.

Easy cryptocurrency trades and exchanges

A great feature of the platform is that cryptocurrency transactions can happen within a bank’s application.

By using mobile applications, Forty Seven Bank’s clients will be able to buy and sell any type of digital currency at a bank’s internal exchange with low fees and an extremely short waiting time.

What is Forty Seven Bank ?

Forty Seven is a unique project built to create a modern universal bank both for users of cryptocurrencies and adherents of the traditional monetary system; a bank that will be acknowledged by international financial organisations; a bank that will correspond to all the requirements of regulators.

Access to multi-asset accounts

Forty Seven Bank also provides users a multi-asset account which gives customers access to and control of both cryptocurrency and fiat assets in one place, through an easy to use and intuitive interface.

The application of biometric identification combined with the blockchain allows users the ease of access and the capability to their manage multi-asset accounts. This can happen from anywhere in the world with only a smartphone or ATM and without the need for a physical card.

Use cryptocurrencies like real money

Forty Seven Bank’s merchant payment services enable clients to start accepting money on cryptocurrency accounts, cards, or via SWIFT transactions.

With the API, businesses will also be able to transfer crypto assets to their company’s account easily.

This feature is further extended with the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments from buyers in online-stores, on websites, or even mobile applications which are all set up without any hassles.

Funds transferred in cryptocurrencies will automatically be exchanged at a selected bank’s internal exchange rate and accredited to the business’ account in fiat.

Legally compliant

As mentioned earlier, the bank is fully compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies which guards the ecosystem against shady operators as well as frauds or scams.

Forty Seven Bank will also include high-end encryption and biometric ID verification to protect and secure the integrity of personal and sensitive data of users on the platform.

Products and Services

Forty Seven Bank is aiming to provide broad traditional and digital financial products and services spectrum for individual clients.

In the past, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has changed approach to the business and customer service.We believe that smart contracts which are connected to legal and financial banking services will lead to a new technological revolution.

Innovative products for everyone

The featured product is a Multi-Asset Account for private customers with a tied card.

  • Remote identification and authorisation based on passport and biometric data
  • Unique combination of payment tools — SWIFT, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, secured cryptocurrency payments
  • Transactions with any type of cryptocurrency through the bank’s application and with no need to wait for current exchanges. Uploading, withdrawal, and conversion by any pair is available
  • Wide range of services including crediting, insuring, invoice presentation, credit/debit card management etc.
  • Cross-platform access for clients to manage accounts opened with any European bank that complies with the PSD2 directive
  • Convenient and user-friendly UI
  • Analysis that helps a client to make the right financial decisions via services of a personal manager created on the basis of machine learning algorithms

Propositions for business

Business products oriented towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Managing an account via Application Programming Interface (API), creation of financial applications
  • Receiving payments from a merchant in both cryptocurrencies and in fiat money on the company’s account (card, SWIFT) using a form or API
  • Mass payouts for marketplaces
  • Loyalty management for clients using big data
  • Factoring services based on the operation of machine learning and big data (artificially intelligent algorithms able to predict the probability of repayment of credit as well as timeliness of repayment from a company)
  • Escrow services
  • Mobile application with biometric identification for multi-currency transactions

Tools and services for external developers

  • Opportunity to provide Forty Seven banking services under your own brand (white label)
  • API access that allows the development and implementation of modern financial services based on Forty Seven infrastructure and processes
  • Holding DevDays conferences for independent developers
  • A showcase of financial applications using Forty Seven API

Features of the Forty Seven Bank platform

Forty Seven is based on three principles: relevance, convenience, and security.

Aside from the three core principles, the platform also incorporates and deploys the most up-to-date innovative technologies available right now such as blockchain, biometrics, smart contracts, and even machine learning!

All of this comes together to allow Forty Seven Bank to provide services of traditional banking to users of cryptocurrency as well as showing the benefits of digital assets to users who may not know much about it.


Forty Seven Bank incorporates and deploys the most up-to-date innovative technologies available, such as blockchain, biometrics, smart contracts, and machine learning. This allows Forty Seven Bank to bring all the services of traditional banking to users of cryptocurrency and bringing to users of traditional fiat currency all the benefits of disruptive new technologies.


Forty Seven Bank introduces the concept of a ‘multi-asset account’ which gives customers access to and control of both crypto and fiat assets in one place, through one simple, easy to use interface. While the use of biometric identification and blockchain allows users ease of access and the capability to manage multi-asset accounts from anywhere in the world via smartphone, or ATM and without the need for a card.


Forty Seven Bank will be recognised by international financial organisations, and conform to all regulatory protocols and requirements, including the European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). The bank will also be compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, guarding against exposure to actors and representatives of the “grey” market. High-end encryption and biometric ID verification will be employed to protect and secure the integrity of customers personal and payment data.

Cryptocurrency and the technology driving it is changing the infrastructure, institutions, and processes of banking and will continue to do so over the coming decades. Forty Seven Bank is a bank tailor-made for this future, positioned to connect the crypto and fiat markets, unite them under one roof, and offer customers the best of both worlds with a bank designed for the digital age.

Forty Seven Banks , people living in Europe can easily open accounts with their cards and multi currency units interacting together. Internet banking or mobile application simplicity and ergonomically manage accounts in European banks in short. Forty Seven Bank customers can make money transfers, change currencies, buy and sell crypto currencies. Customers can pay with any shopping center card, withdraw money from ATMs or make money transfers.

The Forty Seven Bank token sale

Here are the details of the upcoming Forty Seven Bank token sale:

Token name: FSBT

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: 55,319,149

Token sale duration: 16th November, 2017–16th December, 2017

Token sale target: 180,000 ETH (hard cap)

Token exchange rate: 1 FSBT = 0.0047 ETH

Token Distribution



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