Flutter+Firebase — Authenticate with Twitter

Etimbuk U
Etimbuk U
May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

I really got excited seeing the latest update to the Flutter Firebase Auth plugin which adds support for Twitter and decided to try it out.

firebase_auth plugin

But before we begin, I have made the following assumptions

  • Flutter has been installed on your computer. If in need of help the Flutter team have detailed step-by-step articles on how to get this done.
  • Created a Twitter app. For more details visit Twitters app page
  • You have created a firebase project with support for both Android and iOS. If in need of help this article explains the steps.
  • Enabled Twitter authentication for your Firebase project. You can do this by following step 5 of Before you begin section here
  • Downloaded and added both GoogleService-Info.plist and google-services.json files to Runner directory for iOS and android->app for Android.

final app demo (Android)

In order to achieve our purpose, the below plugins (listed in pubspec.yaml) were used

'^0.5.9'//we need to get a FirebaseUser
google_sign_in: '^3.0.3' //not really needed
flutter_twitter_login: "^1.1.0" //helps with Twitter OAuth dance

Authenticating With Twitter

First we get a TwitterLogin using flutter_twitter_login plugin

final TwitterLogin twitterLogin = new TwitterLogin(           consumerKey: Strings.twitterApiKey, 
consumerSecret: Strings.twitterApiSecret

Second, we get the TwitterLoginResult, TwitterLoginStatus and TwitterSession. This also using flutter_twitter_login.

_twitterLoginResult = await twitterLogin.authorize();
_currentUserTwitterSession = _twitterLoginResult.session;
_twitterLoginStatus = _twitterLoginResult.status;

We need TwitterSession to retrieve token and secret needed by FirebaseAuth.instance.signInWithTwitter(…)

Now that we have our TwitterSession, our third step will be to get a FirebaseUser provided Twitter login was successful.

AuthCredential _authCredential = TwitterAuthProvider.getCredential(
authToken: _currentUserTwitterSession?.token ?? '',
authTokenSecret: _currentUserTwitterSession?.secret ?? ''
_currentUser = await _firebaseAuth.signInWithCredential(

Not to worry, I did not forget our iOS friends

final app demo (iOS)

And this wraps the end of my very first post. Looking forward to the next one already 😃.

Whoops!! Here is the complete code on GitHuB.

Etimbuk U

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Etimbuk U

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