The story of Jason-Antigone Dane

The person behind the much vaunted figure

A frame shot with Jason- Antigone Dane


On May 9, was voted in favor the disputed article 8 of the bill of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, giving to homosexual couples who have a cohabitation agreement, the right of foster care and adoption. The public opinion as well as the mass media, are heavily discussing the government’s decision to put this bill to a vote at the plenary session. During the voting, the present also state Jason-Antigone Dane, a person who has, for about a year, been on the public spotlight with every appearance or statement they make. Jason-Antigone Dane, is the first person who dared to recourse to justice in order to erase their gender from their id and to legally refer to them in the neutral gender. It is a strong and controversial personality that does not go unnoticed, due to both their activism and the eccentric way they dress.

Born in the mid 80’s, grow in the center of Athens and specifically in the neighborhood of Kolonaki. After having finished high school at Athens College, continue the schoolboy in the 2nd experimental Lyceum. Later, they graduate with honors from the Department of Theatre Studies of University of Patras from where as often mention, feel that have taken a real education, which has led to their own release. Their studies don’t stop here though. With keen interest and love for the arts, they decide to study at the Drama School of Roula Pateraki, from where they graduate with honors as well. At the same time, express interest in foreign languages and take the decision to co-manage for several years the Educational Institution Perugia-Tina Zwgopoyloy. In this way, they promote all the widely spoken world languages in Greece, both through the creation of learning segments, as well as publishing books with explanations in Greek grammar to learn English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages.

Although they follow an active lifestyle, Greece sometime disappoints them. They accept bullying and racist attitudes throughout their school years, until adulthood. Sometime, they reach the point of getting the big decision to leave the country and move to the city of London. From that moment onwards, begins the story of their need to action, through the local LOATKI + community. As long as they live there, work in famous gay bars, associate with people of common interests and beliefs, start their activity in favor of human and animal rights, vegetarian lifestyle and ecology.

Photographs from the 5th Nationwide protest for all animals out of vegan activists in downtown Athens in March 2018

Returning to Greece, continue their actions in a different environment, by causing tension inside the Greek community. Alongside their devotion to another course of study, concerning the human rights, carry out “naked” interventions in marches, protest having written slogans on their naked body, appear on Tv shows and grant interviews to various mass media, wanting to support their formed beliefs. In all these ways, claim the life they wish to have. The pinnacle of their actions, is the decision to claim the deletion of their sex from the vestry of the Act and add together with their baptismal name ‘’Jason’’, the name ‘’Antigone’’. They select this specific name, because in Greek history consists the symbol of the mythic heroine.

“Agender identifies non- gendered people, those who do not identify themselves with some sex, as I do”

With this faith, wishing to claim their rights as non- gendered person, take the decision to attend the houses of the Hellenic Parliament, on May 9.

Jason-Antigone Dane in the houses of the Hellenic Parliament with the trans activist Anna Piliou, the day of the enactment of the bill

Three days after the passage of the bill regarding the sponsorship and adoption of children by same-sex couples, which have been concluded the cohabitation between them, the various reactions from both public opinion and the mass media is vigorous and omnipresent. What do they have to say themselves about this whole process? How do they face it and most importantly, what are their ambitions from now on?

Through a short message on the mobile phone, ask from us to meet them somewhere in Exarchia, but eventually in a cafe in the square of Agia Irini, are exchanged the first introductory handshakes. The suspense about whether to recognize each other is great and the scenarios that are coined a lot. However, a few meters away from the first tables that are aligned on the boardwalk, our glances meet each other and look so familiar! They sit with a friend and discuss. Approaching towards them, after the necessary recommendations, they pay, get up from the table and their friend leaves. Jason-Antigone Dane, ask us where we intend to sit down and make them the scheduled questions. «Let’s walk and we can sit, where we like», is the unanimous reply.

They wear a gray dress that reaches to the knee, white athletic shoes with white laces on and in their hands hold a cotton bag with the colors of the rainbow, symbolizing the flag of LOATKI + community. Two necklaces on their neck and a crown bracelet on their left hand, complete the whole picture of themselve.

Catching a ponytail their brown curly hair, we are heading to Exarchia. Having been intimate with each other, they show keen interest to continue the discussion which had been started a few minutes after we had left from the square of Agia Irini. The one question succeeds the other with flashing lightning, showing in this way that they want to know everything about us in the little time we have at our disposal. They ask for our occupations, our studies, our interests and of course about the purpose of our today’s meeting.

Suddenly, our special conversation is interrupted by a sketch with two white silhouettes, which are represented on a yellow background at the end of the pedestrian zone of Aeolus. Must be the work of some passerby “artist” or were painted by hand a night by someone, for which the wall was his only companion. In any case, we were all impressed by these two white silhouettes and more, Jason-Antigone Dane. «Both, look like they are trying to hide somehow themselves. Only their faces are obvious to us. Let’s sit down here to talk. This sketch really expresses me».

Sitting in a tight dirty wall, black from the exhausts of Athens, speak to us about the person behind the much vaunted figure.