6 reasons Instagram will make you forget Snapchat!

That’s why I think they should have taken the $3 bi when they had the chance!

  • Numbers speak for themselves: Instagram has 500 million active users every month against Snapchat’s 200 million. What does it mean? That means it is harder to create new behavior among users like as Instagram is doing with their Stories, than convince Instagram’s users to leave their platform and migrate to Snapchat (Yes, there is a bunch of people who don’t know what a Snap is).
  • Engaged Influencers: Neymar, the soccer player, has about 65 million followers in his instagram account. In each Instagram story he posts, he has the potential to reach more than 30% of the entire Snapchat’s user base. And he is just one of the huge celebs using the app.
How do the sponsors know if investing in his Snapchat is better than his Instagram?
  • Zuckerberg, the Bogeyman: The Facebook CEO will never be kidding about his companies, he may look like a fool, but he isn’t. If anything threatens him, he can only think of two actions: BUY it or DESTROY it. He did that with VR tech and with Instagram when it wasn’t part of the Facebook Group.
Next acquisition is going to be your brain.
  • Killer Interface: Yes, it’s nice to swipe from snap to snap, but the Stories are much better when it comes to user experience!
  • We can’t handle more than one “instant app”: When people ask me the difference between Instagram and Snapchat, I can say that one is about visual content curating and the other is about capturing and sharing moments of your day. Now that Instagram created the Insta Stories, users have to choose between them. You really can’t post on both at exactly the same time, because as soon as you post in one of them, that moment is gone. And we will always end up going to the place with bigger crowds. We want to be noticed.

Don’t take it personal! I love to laugh while swiping thru snaps, but beside the fact that they revolutionized the way we look at social media and entertainment, I really can’t see a good future for the-white-funny-ghost-company.