My Bedroom Studio — Eugene Chau

Chau Eugene
Apr 1, 2019 · 2 min read
CAGE — I felt being trapped in the bedroom.

From high school, the time I started mixing and recording, having a professional studio is my dream.

It is not a professional review, just for recording the evolution of my little bedroom studio.

The first version of my studio (when I was 15) was… pretty horrible. I have no idea about audio equipment. All I knew were getting a microphone and a headphone. But, you know, a high school student would not have enough money for a high-quality microphone. So, what I bought is a very simple $15 desktop microphone, which was not even a recording microphone. (To be honest, I cannot remember the brand name.) That was my very first “studio” with my basic headphone and microphone.

When I was 18, I got a long break before university. (And also getting some money from a summer job) So, I started to search for how to upgrade my studio again. It was the first time I learnt about basic knowledge of audio equipment, from the type of microphone to the audio interface. Then I bought a dynamic microphone, SAMSON Q7. I cannot say it is a good option for recording, but it was an affordable choice for me. And also, I got a small USB mixer/Audio interface, BEHRINGER XENYX 302USB, which I am now still using it. The sound quality enhanced a lot. Although it was apparently not the best, the unpleasant noise was greatly diminished.

A massive change came when I was 21, the time I started to pick up my hobby in music production (and having more budget because of internship). I could not create music only on my computer. I need a tool to turn my idea into melody, which is a midi keyboard. I got my best buddy, a NOVATION LAUNCHKEY 49, a four-octave keyboard that I could play it with both hands. Later I also got a condenser microphone, SENNHEISER MK4, for sample recording. And, of course, I need to change my headphone, from a hi-fi headphone to a studio monitor headphone. What I bought was an AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M30X monitor headphone, emphasizing middle frequency, designed for mastering and mixing.

But, honestly, always using a headphone made my ears hurt. Thus, after I moved to Vancouver, I purchased a pair of monitor speakers, YAMAHA HS5 STUDIO MONITOR. It was the most expensive item I bought for my studio, but worthy because of their sound quality.

It is so refreshing to rewind the history of my little studio. And it also reminds me that, the hardware is important for a studio, but it is not a must. For music production, the technic of creating and harmonizing sound is the focus. So, let’s talk about the software I used in music/ audio production next time.

Eugene Chau

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