My path to audio and music — Eugene Chau

Chau Eugene
Mar 4, 2019 · 2 min read

The first time I met audio engineering was in high school. In that period, many video/audio sharing sites started to develop (such as YouTube). Many people uploaded their cover of singing and dancing to the sites. Like many high school student, I loved to sing (especially pop song). Thus, I began to learn about how I can record my own songs at home.

I set up a very simple studio in my bedroom, a desktop computer, a USB sound card and a USB microphone (wrapping it with layers of tissue papers as a microphone foam). They were definitely not the perfect options for recording, but affordable choices for a high school student.

After recording my very first song with a primary headphone and microphone, I felt that the quality is not as good as others (although we are using the same equipment). So, I began to find some methods that increase the quality, which was mastering and mixing. That was the first step I got into the world of audio engineering.

My first lesson in Audacity was about adjusting the equalizer, which is eliminating the unwanted frequency of your voice and enhancing the part you want to highlight. It was a robust process for me as I need to learn the physics theory of sound wave first, and then identify the characteristics of different frequency. It was like a “training of ears.” Later I learned about the principle of compression and how to operate Audacity.

With this basic knowledge, I tried to master my first song, which was, actually, pretty awful. But I was more interested in audio engineering. Eventually, my friends always asked me to help with their recording and mixing as they also want to have their own “mastered” record. In fact, even though until now, I cannot say I did a perfect job in vocal mastering. But these experiences opened me a door in audio engineering and music production later.

And now I am a Radio student at BCIT.

Eugene Chau
BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment 2020

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