The first and memorable piece — Eugene Chau

Chau Eugene
Mar 15, 2019 · 2 min read

“Why can’t I make my own song?”

My music production started with this question.

When I listened to music, I always thought that “I can make it.” Then I began my music production.

Before that, I had learned the piano for almost ten years. Therefore, at first, I thought it was easy for me to composite a song. But, I found it was so different from the classical music I had learned before.

I remembered I sat in front of the piano for a whole day, trying to build the melody and the chords progression. Eventually, I came up with nothing amazed me. That was the first time I understood that creating was a tough process. However, I did not give up. I wrote and dropped down what I have and try to combine them.

Next step is finding software to put the idea together. It was my first time to operate DAW (digital audio workstation). Although I used audio editing software before, DAW was a new world to me. My first song was made with Garage Band, free software in Apple OS, with some free instruments and samples that can be used for production, yet lots of them were untoned and unnatural (sounded like a machine). Having no idea about adjusting instrument and sample sound, I made a very “green” song.

Actually, in my opinion, it sounded terrible. It was made by a default drum pattern and basic guitar as if playing by a robot. But it reminds me of the reason why I started my music production.

A few years later, I started to build up my sample library and learn about audio design and operating Ableton Live (another DAW) and a number of synthesizers. And my journey from my bedroom studio started.

Eugene Chau

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