First steps in AI (2019 edition)
First steps in AI (2019 edition) — Photo credit: Mugur Cadinoiu

The importance of first steps

IAȘI AI,  the artificial intelligence community of Iași

First steps in AI, June 2019

Panel: Research in AI (Photo credit: Mugur Cadinoiu)

IAȘI AI community panel with professors from ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” and ”Gheorghe Asachi” Universities. Photo credit: Mugur Cadinoiu

What is the current state of AI in Romania? What about in Iași? What would be a successful recipe in increasing AI skills and competences? On which areas of research are Universities of Iași focused?

Guests from prestigious Universities

  1. Florin Leon, professor at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași, member of IEEE Systems, the Man and Cybernetics Society: the Computational Collective…

Through automation, AI will change the way we produce, manufacture and deliver, transforming current jobs and creating new roles aligned with the business requirements.

Will my job get impacted?

Interesul în inteligența artificială și machine learning (Ianuarie 2004 — Martie 2018), conform Google Trends

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Passionate about technology and building innovative software products, with an interest in digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

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