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Three Practical Steps You Can Take to Become More Creative

The most effective methods to find your best ideas and turn them into reality

Every creative process begins with imagination. You first imagine what could be, then through your creativity, you take the action to turn it into a reality. For all those people who think they aren’t creative, trust me, you are.

Here’s three practical steps on how to be creative.

Step 1: Log Good Ideas the First Moment You Get

Everyone has their moments where they stumble upon a good idea. “Oh! I think it would be a great idea if ________”. Go ahead, fill out the blank. Whenever these good ideas come to mind, make sure you log it somewhere as soon as you can. There are many times I got upset because I couldn’t remember the breakthrough idea I had the other day or even an hour ago. I personally use Evernote to log all my ideas. The app can be synced across all my devices so it’s pretty awesome.

Step 2: Take Being Creative Literally

I thought I wasn’t creative because I wasn’t good at things like music, writing, or art, but it all changed when I learned to take it literally. I set aside a scheduled time to figure out how to turn my most exciting ideas into reality.

If good ideas just stay in your imagination, you’re being imaginative, but when you take the steps to turn your imagination into reality, you’re being creative. It’s simply the moment you are actively creating something whether its a cake, an article, or a relationship even. Something can now exist in space and time because you just took the energy to make it. It’s not some mystical, magical skill a person is born with. Everyone has the core capability of being creative.

One day, I really thought it would be a great idea to make a film about social media addiction. So I sat down and started writing Connected and got it approved for filming and it ended up getting awarded best short film at some film festival in London. Who knew? I had a lot of trouble writing the script at first because I wanted to get it perfect on the first try, but I forced myself to just do something, which leads me to the next important step.

Step 3: Stop Being A Perfectionist And Give Yourself Something To Work With

All great creations made by people is made by many multiple attempts. It does not have to be perfect on the first try. Way too many times, I spent too much time just thinking about creating something only to end up convincing myself it’s a bad idea and not making it at all.

Bad idea or not, just let it out. Ten bad ideas may help lead you to the good ideas. Unless you are doing something which requires perfection on the first try like neurosurgery, what works best most times is to just do something regardless of the quality. This gives you something to work with and once something is actually created, your brain starts coming up with ideas on how to make it better and tweak it.

When I was editing Blind Devotion for Jubilee Project, it took me seven months and over 20 drafts to get it to where it was. If we didn’t release it, I’d still be touching it up and it never would’ve received the 23 million views it did today.

The world needs you to be creative. The part of you aching to express itself in one form or another needs to be paid attention to closely. So lets get our hands dirty, let our minds run wild, and sit down and create.

What would you like to make today?

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