How it all started…

Lifeventure. Sounded cheesy, but that’s okay.


I remembered asking a friend who started multiple companies how he came up with all of his ideas. His answer was:

Keep a list of ideas as you go. The more you write down, the more you can think of.

He showed me his list of hundreds of ideas; some resembled ideas behind billion dollars startups, while others seemed out of this world. I admired his list. I didn’t think that I would ever have hundreds of startup idea. But then he said, “I started with one.” I could also start with one.

My growing Trello board of ideas (the stickies background just seemed appropriate for a board that is about ideas)

That was a year ago. Now, I have a list of ideas on my Trello board aptly named “Ideas to Explore”. But out of all these ideas, how did I choose the one to work on?

A Random Walk in San Francisco

Market Street, the artery of San Francisco. Also the street I go through often to get to where I work.

I remembered skating from my office (the startup I was working at) back to my dorm. Questival (a 24 hour adventure race) was still at the back of my mind (even though it happened two months ago). I really wanted to tell my friends back home about it because it was one of the most unexpectedly fulfilling thing I did in my life.

Performing live in Fisherman Wharf spoken word poetry version of “Don’t Stop Believing”

Rather than telling my friends back home, why not show them what was it like to take part in Questival? Even better, why not let them play?

Besides, I paid USD 42 for something that basically cost nothing to run. I can make a lot of money (business school habits: always analyze the business model behind everyday things).

I posted that idea onto my Trello board, along with some descriptions on how I am going to bring it to Hong Kong (basically, copy everything from Questival…).

My “master plan” of bringing Questival back home

At this point normally, I would forget about this idea and let it sit on my Trello board for months, not knowing when it would be, if ever, realized.

However, this one was a special one.

I walked on the Market Street a few more times that week (because of work). But instead of other ideas coming into my head, I kept thinking about “Questival in Asia”. I started thinking about it at other times as well: during my showers, when I was buying takeaway, after I left class… At last, I told myself:

I should do it! That’s the only way to get it out of my head.

Never had I felt this feeling of an idea lingering in my head. So maybe this was a sign; a sign telling me to finally put an idea into practice. Like my friend said: start with one.

First Challenge…

First step in creating a Facebook page: Naming your page (and your company)

I thought of different names, but Questival sticked. I was thinking:

If I was to copy what they were doing, why not copy their name as well? Questival is a play on the words “Quest” and “Festival”. How about I just merge two other words. I want the race to be about life. And I want people taking part to be adventurous…

“Life” + “Adventure”; “Lifeventure”

Sounds cheesy, but that’s okay. Now what?

Lessons Learned:

  • If you can’t get an idea out of your head, you should probably make it happen: There is a reason why the idea is stuck in your head. The only way to find out why is to get it out of your head, and into your hands
  • Do more to get more: My Trello board of ideas, like my friend’s list of hundreds of idea, come from thinking about ideas and recording down. But thinking about ideas, you get more of them. It sounds magically, and it is.

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