Brand visualization helps you make your brand unique

What makes you different? What makes you stand out? Working with business owners and marketing professionals the thing that often gets overlooked in any brand and design project is one of the most obvious. Every brand and every business is unique.

Everything you do and say about your brand is unique to you. The best way for your brand to stand out from your competition is to have a unique and distinctive tone of voice.

You should try to be unique in everything you do. Find the unique voice and character of your business and you’re already well on your way to building a great brand.

There are lots to learn from other businesses in your sector and from brands like Apple, Airbnb and Slack in how they build and develop their brand profile and communication channels. But copying alone won’t help you build something powerful and distinctive that will resonate with your users and your audiences and be right for you and your business.

Find the unique voice and character of your business and you’re already well on your way to building a great brand.

Learn from others by all means, but discovering your own voice will help you build a more authentic brand. Authentic means being truthful and open about what you are and what you do as well as being consistent and meaningful to every one involved — your employees, business partners and your customers. Everyone is important.

Instead of copying other brands learn from their successes and failures you can stand on the shoulders of giants and build something different.

Mad Men watchers may have recently been reminded of the old McCann-Erickson phrase ‘Truth well told.’ That was as close as Madison Avenue probably ever got to a mantra of authenticity.

Knowing why you present your brand to the world in one way and not another is maybe a more useful approach in building an authentic brand today. Seeing all the elements of your brand in one place will help you understand the process and the thinking that drives your brand and your business.

Brand visualization can help you manage your brand more effectively and help you grow your business faster. That’s the thinking behind Brangento our new application that helps you take control of your brand by using it to grow your business faster and more effectively.

Brangento is free and you can sign up and find out more at and use it to start the total brand experience process that will help to make your brand unique.

Eugene Burns