Leading American Life Fund Corp in Atlanta, Georgia, established businessman and entrepreneur Eugene E. Houchins III is focused on making sure those holding life insurances policies can have timely access to funds to pay for daily expenses and the treatment of serious illnesses. Outside of his professional interests, Eugene E. Houchins III is a college football fan and has coached young sports teams, including Little League.

Many sports organizations for young players rely on volunteers to serve as coaches for the teams. …

The founder and president of American Life Fund Corp. in Atlanta, Georgia, Eugene E. Houchins III oversees a firm that assists clients with the liquidation of existing life insurance policies. Eugene E. Houchins III specializes in helping his clients understand the viatical settlement process, which can sometimes be rather complicated.

Viatical settlements and life settlements are the two most commonly used terms associated with the sale of existing life insurance policies. Viatical settlements and life settlements are slightly different, and policyholders should know what each type of settlement entails.

A viatical settlement is executed when an individual suffering from a…

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Eugene E. Houchins III is an accomplished insurance expert who serves as founder and president of the American Life Fund Corporation. In this role, Eugene Houchins III helps patients with serious health conditions to access funds from their life insurance policies, in order to finance their medical treatment. An environmental engineering graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, Eugene E. Houchins III also supports research on Alzheimer’s disease.

Disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) are a major focal point of current research on Alzheimer’s disease. The search for DMTs has become increasingly important as cases of Alzheimer’s disease in aging populations continue to increase…

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Atlanta-based entrepreneur Eugene E. Houchins III is the founder and president of American Life Fund Corp, a company he established to help life insurance coverage holders obtain the money needed to pay for their medical treatment and living expenses. Before venturing into the insurance industry, Eugene Houchins III served in the oil and gas industry for more than a decade. In his current position, he and his team are dedicated to advising and helping clients enjoy the smooth processing of viatical settlements.

When selling your life insurance policy, it is important to understand the viatical settlement process. A viatical settlement

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When it comes to millions of Americans’ primary source of income, it generally tends to be direct income coming from full-time employment. Even with larger employers who traditionally were known to have great benefit packages, there is a trend nowadays to provide higher pay in lieu of benefits. This is especially true with start-ups or emergent companies and it generally happens because they don’t want the administrative hassle that comes with these benefit plans. Nevertheless, there are countless reasons why a company who goes above and beyond to offer life insurance to…

Eugene Houchins is a life policy expert and can help those with terminal or life-threatening illnesses get their finances in order.

In spite of its once-perceived disapproval by life insurance carriers, the number of people who opt to sell their existing life insurance policy through a transaction called a life settlement, also referred to as a viatical in some circumstances, continues to expand in popularity and necessity. This number has increased even more-so since the vast majority of states have implemented consumer protection laws, with some states going as far as mandating life insurance carriers to inform policy owners of their right to sell their policy in lieu of policy surrender. Life Insurance Policy expert — Eugene Houchins, says: “People tend…

Eugene Houchins tips to avoid being a workaholic

As President of American Life Fund Corp. Eugene Houchins, has come a long way from his earlier years. Being consumed with work and having a lot of responsibilities, in addition to being held accountable for work matters, proved to be very difficult on top of being stressful. Though it is a lot easier now, over the years, Houchins has learned tactics to prioritize health, happiness and his family while striving towards professional success.

For those who have been regarded as a “workaholic” and are trying to liberate themselves from the repercussions of being one, here are some tips Houchins has…

Eugene Houchins has learned how to help children grow through resilience and sportsmanship in the local community.

When he is not hard at work as the President of American Life Fund, Eugene Houchins is very much a family man. As a father who believes strongly in encouraging his kids’ pursuits, Houchins decided to take up coaching for the Little Leagues. In his years of coaching Little League Football, Houchins has learned how to instill sportsmanship and resilience in kids. For those in search of a rewarding extracurricular activity, he highly recommends getting involved in the community. From one coach to another, here are some things Houchins advises on:

Using Positive Reinforcement

Don’t refrain from giving your little league praises! Kids…

College Football is no small event in the Houchins household.

Eugene Houchins — College Football carries with it many traditions socially, and within families.

Football enthusiast Eugene Houchins, and his family, love everything about this all-American sport. From traditions like tailgating to simply getting into the campus spirit, these sports fans know exactly what it means be a part of a team. There’s nothing like being decked in your team colors and having a little fun rivalry with the opponent’s fans. Football game day is to say the least, a huge deal.

Walking through college campuses, you’re immediately enraptured by everyone’s fervent energy. Houchins especially loves the community gathering, getting riled up with a cold beer in hand, and the pride that comes with…

Eugene Houchins is an avid cyclist and knows how to get the most out of his cycling workouts.

With Georgia’s warm temperatures and sunny days, why wouldn’t you want to take up cycling? For those who feel energized by being immersed in the great outdoors and are looking to get a great workout, Eugene Houchins highly recommends cycling. To Houchins and other cycling enthusiasts, there’s nothing like pedalling on a smooth lane with the cool breeze brushing past you. Every route gets progressively more and more challenging and this very challenge is what make cycling all the more exhilarating! …

Eugene Houchins

Eugene Houchins, from Alpharetta Georgia owns the American Life Fund Corporation and has an extensive background in Engineering.

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