Are you feeding your mind?

We are all highly familiar with the phrase mind your business. I am going to flip that a bit. I believe that you need to mind your mind.

What is minding your mind?

You need to be intentional on what you focus on every single day. You need to be intentional about how you develop your mentality because your mindset plays a heavy part in your success in the future. You have to be mindful about what you focus on and intentional about how you develop your mind to progress.

What happens if you don’t feed your mind on a constant basis?

We all know you need to find your mind with the right things in order to grow. Most people are aware. But most people also aren't doing anything currently about growing their mind. So what happens if you don’t feed your mind constantly? Well, actually that statement is not true. You are always continuously feeding your mind.

Let me ask you a question: Do you watch TV? Do you read the news? Do you talk to other human beings? Who and what do you allow in your mind?

There is always someone or something feeding your mind and acting as the food to the mindset. You are feeding your mind the food of the things you see, read, hear and experience on a constant basis. The only question is: what food are you feeding your mind with?

I mean, seriously, how is watching 27 murders on the news move you any closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations? We seriously have to be deliberate about minding our mind. You can’t achieve your body goals by not having an deliberate diet. The mind works the same way. You are what you eat and so is your mind!

Why are people unable to mind their mind?

It’s simple. Majority of people are minding other people’s minds. They want to let other people’s philosophies and mindset dictate their direction. YOU MUST FORGET ABOUT THAT. If you choose to focus on the others then you are always going to blame them for the philosophies that they gave you that didn’t create success. You can’t change other peoples philosophies. You can change 1 thing. You can change yourself. Focus on that. Focus on what you can do to change your personal mindset. Mind your mind and everything else will move forward from there.

One of my mentors TD Jakes said that the battle is in your mind. He said the enemy is after your mind and if you can whip it in your mind, you can whip it in your checkbook. I, also, love the way Jim Rohn breaks it down below.

We need to get ourselves away from focusing on everything else.

Everything else is a distraction. Here is what you need to focus on constantly, daily and every minute is- how am I thinking? How’s my mindset? How can I mind my mind? Keep yourself in check by asking yourself these questions. Eventually it’ll become second nature.

You gotta focus on you. Focus on changing yourself. Jim Rohn says if YOU change, everything will change for you. But if you don’t change, nothing will change. You gotta take the time and focus on how can I change? What can I do differently today that I didn’t do yesterday? What can I do to get out of my past and into my destiny? Don’t focus on the past, don’t focus on the problems, don’t focus on any of those things because you can’t change the wind from blowing.

But what u can do is you can set a new sail.

You can decide today that I am going to move in this direction and I am going to think this way. I’m going to change my mindset. Every problem that I look at is going to look like an opportunity to create promise in my life.

Everything that you want is on the higher shelf. But you have qualify to get to that higher shelf. The way you qualify is by standing on the books to get you to that higher level of success.

Every new book gets you to the higher level of thinking. Developing the mind gets you to the higher level. The higher you get, the more attractive you become. I’m talking mentally attractive. Energy attractive. The more you develop yourself, the more attractive you become. And guess what? Success is attracted by the person that you become. When you become more, more is attracted to you.

Most people waste their time trying pursue the success. You can’t pursue success because it will elude you like a butterfly. But what you can do is pursue becoming more attractive. And the more attractive you become, the more success starts to come closer to you and attracts to you like a magnet.

What to do now?

Start spending! Spend the time. Spend the money. Spend the resources. Do whatever you need to do to become better.

How do I get to the next level?

You move to the next level when you deserve to be on the next level. When you become more, you’ll get more. Become better and you can achieve better. But if you don’t do anything to mind your mind, you’ll stay at the same place. Actually, once again that statement is incorrect, you won’t stay in the same place! You are either growing or dying, there’s no such thing as neutrality. Either you are on the incline or the decline. Don’t allow yourself to decline. Continue to grow. Even the wealthiest and most successful people, every single day, still take the time to become better. Still take the time to read the books. To hear or realize one new idea because literally that one new idea can revolutionize your life. It can make your the next best entrepreneur! It can make you the greatest dad! It can make you the next billionaire, if you just focus on feeding your mind. Mind your mind. And your mind will mind your success.

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