What Limits your success?

WE ALL WANT SUCCESS. Majority of the time we have absolutely no clue what is stopping us from getting to that success! Often times we don’t realize that getting to success (whatever success might be for you) is like going through one of the toughest obstacles courses in the world.

Now, imagine going through the toughest obstacle course in the world blindfolded! Well, that’s how most people attack their goals. They have no idea what obstacles are holding them back from getting to the success that they desire. These obstacles come in two types of limits. These two different types of limits can stop you from achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

  1. Speed Limits

What are they?

When you are driving in your car you can see on the side of the road there are ton of speed limits signs. Now these speed limits are dictated by the state or city that you live in.

Others have decided how fast you can go and they’ll punish you if you go faster than you were told. Isn’t this just like life? In life there are speed limits that are put on you by other people. Everyday other people are putting limits on you and this the first type of limit you need be aware of. The limits other people put on you!

Are others imposing limits on you?

I have had so many conversations with the individuals I’ve coached that tell me they couldn’t do something because their parents said it was not possible, their friends said they didn’t have the ability to do this, their spouse said they were incapable of doing something. Most individuals are trying to figure out what they believe they can do but they are trying to do this through the lenses of other people opinions. Sometimes even society will paint a picture of what a person can or can’t do. Whether you are limiting your success has a lot to do with if you are allowing other people to dictate your destination? Are you letting other people construct the path of success for you? If you are, you’ve got to decide right now that you are no longer going to listen to other people’s limitations because you have all of the power! You can only use your power to your best advantage once you stop taking on the limitations of others.

How to stop others from limiting your success?

Have you ever heard people say “Beware of the dream stealers, they are out there to steal your dream!” Look, here’s the thing, nobody can steal your dream. That’s not even possible. The only way people can steal your dream is if you give it to them. But they can’t steal it. They can’t take it from you! They can only get it through your permission. One of my favorite quotes that I live my life by and I say it at the end of all of my videos is “Let no man steal your vision because no man gave it to you.”

2) Governors

What are they?

If you know anything about cars you know that cars that are designed to go on the civilian roads have governors. Governors regulate the speed at which a car can operate.

The speed governor is part of your ECMs embedded program. When it senses that the vehicle speed is close to the rating of the stock tires, it shuts down the injector pulses and ignition then will return it when the vehicle is at a safe speed again.

So my question is do you have a governor on your mind?

Lets play a quick game. Play along with me here. Raise your hand…….No seriously raise your hand. Great, now raise your hand higher!

Am I limiting myself?

Now let me ask you a question, did you raise your hand higher the second time? Why is it that you didn’t raise your hand at the highest point as far as you could raise it the first time I asked? The reason is- we limit ourselves. We constantly install self-imposed limits on our own selves. Every. Single. Day. A great deal of it has to do with human nature. Human nature is built on survival. We are constantly trying to survive, therefore, it’s a natural habit to leave a little bit of reserve in the tank, just in case. You never know, what happens if you’re in the gym and you’re running on the treadmill and you give it all you got then you walk out of the gym and have a dog chase you! You have to use all your energy to run but you already used all your energy in the gym and now you have nothing left. Our mind is constantly subconsciously playing these tricks saying: Hey leave some in the reserve! Don’t give it your all!

How to remove self-imposed limits?

We have to program ourselves to push past our limits. Limits are just a fragment of our imagination. They’re not real. They are self-imposed. This box that you create on the basis of what you believe your limit is, is self imposed. You decided on that limit. If you wanna break that self imposed limitation, guess what can you do? Break it! Understand this and go ahead and break it. I am telling you, it is possible.

Look as humans we have been putting limitations on ourselves forever. At one point in time, we concluded that we couldn’t put a man on the moon, we couldn’t bend pieces of metal and fly them across the pacific ocean, we couldn’t do so much but we did. We have been constantly breaking limits we put on ourselves. You need to decide to not allow the self created box of limitation to hold you in anymore. You can break all limitations because you have the ability to! It was you who created the limitation in the first place, why not you be the one to destroy it?

History speaks. Before every milestone that humans achieved, it sure seemed impossible. But guess what? We’ve exceeded those limitations and guess what we are constantly going to do that?

We are going to keep exceeding limitations! Why? Because, we as part of the human race, we continue to push the barriers as long as we allow those barriers to be pushed. We don’t let people around us segment those barriers and we don’t let ourselves segment those barriers and stop the greatness that’s within us from being revealed.

I encourage you to not let anyone else or yourself place limits on you. Don’t let anything stop you from having the success you crave. Most of the success is your ability to step out of the comfort zone and say I CAN DO THIS. However, a lot of times you say I can’t and that’s what stops you from reaching success because whether you think you can or can’t you are absolutely right!

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