How to publish Jupyter notebook to Medium?

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Medium seems very popular in among of software engineers and Jupyter is the one of the must have tools for data science engineer. So it looks very obvious that there should be the simple and popular way how to transfer knowledge from Jupyter Notebook to Medium. But…

…I don’t see yet :(

I have tried

[x] import jupyter notebook which is publish to NbViwer. and it fails with error

[x] embed like content from third party site

I will try

[ ] export Jupyter notebook as html and try to import it.
[ ] export Jupyter notebook as pdf and import here.
[ ] try

Why do I need it?

I have found that for me it very convenient tool to work on research/engineer problems right inside of Jupyter Notebook — I could use markdown for some wordy explanation and description. I could use latex for quite a complex formulas and sure I could inject small portion of code and receive result right a way. And sure Jupyter notebook still have some problems — it’s too verbose for git.

Thus I like just save my time and write once and use everywhere :) and sure share link to the original Jupyter Notebook on github.


[ ] markdonw
[ ] latex
[ ] write once use everywhere


So I’m still looking for right way for publish my notebook to medium blog. 
But i also could develop such tool if there would be few people who would like to use it as well or contribute to the code. So if we are on one boat and you are lost your legs in the search of this tool write there we could make this World better ;)


[x] Injections of github gist looks natural for medium. Example

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