The New Story has Just Begun. Let’s start journey to the Data.

Sunrise in Zabljak, Montenegro

I have plenty of blogs and this is yet another one. But better

Where I was


This time I back to my source — machine learning and data science. Thus this blog will be about my return to the stage.

Many things were changed or were forgotten. So sometimes here you will see how do I play with very basic things. But step-by-step we will grow. So keep your eye on this blog ;)

As well don’t forget that I have got huge experience in few areas which would help me here — game dev, user interfaces, web development and open source.

And last but not least I passionate about art, literature, music and photography which I will also exploit here.

Thus I want to invite you to the interesting journey to the data with my experience, huge will and your feedback. Welcome a board

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