I wanna change the way you think. about Hip-Hop Culture.

  • and the way you think about urban culture,” says Spokane-based photographer Eugene Muzinga. “I wanna bottle it up and show the world that this is just as much of an art form as any other thing.”
  • Kirk may be the most poetic about his vision, but he isn’t the only one who believes that Hip-Hop should be consumed in both audio and visual forms — and that’s how he found himself co-hosting a bespoke gallery exhibit with fellow Hip-Hop photographers Gunner Stahl and Imran Ciesay (Places + Faces) at Art Basel in December.
  • In collaboration with Billboard and 1800 Tequila, the three photographers launched the “In Focus” gallery to showcase how their work gives fans unparalleled access to the people who define the culture of Hip-Hop, and to vouch for Hip-Hop photography’s inclusion in the larger landscape of art.
  • Article by Eugene Muzinga
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