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Eugene Lysy
8 min readJul 23, 2017

UPD: I’ve made myself a new website. Go check it out:

I am a product and user interface designer with 8+ years of experience.

I used to do design for Ultimate Guitar (also being the product designer of the Tonebridge app). Before that used to work as a game UI designer at Realore, a mobile UI designer at Stone Labs, and as a freelancer. Studied at Bureau Gorbunov Design School.

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I also play guitar and sing in the punk rock band Come Together!

Get in touch: or @tigermetal via Telegram.

Manfred App Design, 2019

Manfred is a premium taxi service. Through it one can order a Maybach with a formidable bodyguard and an interpreter, a Lamborghini, or even a private jet. I helped improve the current interface and designed some new features.

1. Multiple Cars Order

After ordering the first car, the customer can order another car, and one more, and more, and more

The orders are designed to be completely independent of each other.

The +Add Car button is made bright enough to draw attention without breaking the main order flow. After adding a car, user can quickly move between orders in a habitual left-right swivel.

2. A Separate Order of a Bodyguard or an Interpreter

One can order a bodyguard or interpreter without ordering a taxi

The feature being a hypothesis, the process of order is designed to be cheap in implementation: the customer simply leaves a request, and the operator calls back to complete the agreement in a private conversation.

3. Sports Car Order

To order a sports car, the customer can rely on both the required dates and a specific car — the interface works both ways

The client can order a sports car which a Manfred employee will tailor right to the client’s address. The sports car is ordered for certain dates, so the client either indicates the desired dates in the calendar, or selects the desired car and then selects the desired dates in the calendar.

4. Chat Bot for Document Processing

For the first order of a sports car, the application will ask the customer to send some documents: passport, rights, etc.:

Sending documents for a security check is an unpleasant procedure. The chat-bot reduces the negative side of it and makes it a calm process

The complexity of the process was that the client did not want to send anything, and Manfred wanted to see as many documents as possible to make sure the client’s reliability. In addition, the sports cars are in the possession of Manfred’s partners, who also check the documents. For the design of the chat booth, I analyzed the business processes of all parties to the transaction to find the most profitable and easy way to pass the sports car to the client.

Chat Bot will neatly and politely ask the client to agree to the terms or send the required document

I also wrote all the necessary dialogue scripts for the bot, depending on the situation:

All the design was presented as a screen map, so the transitions between screens and the underlying logic could be obvious:

The features were based on the intial app design and current business needs.

Video lessons for beginners in the MelodiQ app, 2019:

How to hold a guitar
How to play strings
How to play frets
How to use tuner

For each lesson, I made a research, found all the theory, created the script, translated everything to English, ordered the voiceover, shot the video, and made the editing.

Guitarist in the videos is Alexey Savenko.

MelodiQ app design for Ultimate Guitar:

The app’s icon

The app helps to learn and play guitar with fun — it shows how to play a song, and provides real-time feedback on how you play.

Screenshots of the MelodiQ app for App Store:


I made this extra small pixel font for tiny LED screens, oldschool videogames or a gaming website. You can use it completely for free for any project in you drop me a word about your project first.

Designed for Ultimate Guitar

Design of Laney promo code page, 2018:

Buyers of Laney amps get a special promo code coupon with a free 3-month access to Ultimate Guitar Pro

New cool screenshots for Tonebridge for iOS:

7 languages, made for iPhone and iPad separately

Design of Tonebridge for macOS, 2017:

“Honestly: this is a very cool app. Fast to load, easy to use, and quick to just get a tone for someone who just wants to play and doesn’t care about twiddling knobs for 30 minutes before they start to practice, or just play for fun. Pressing Space to play the sample is an excellent feature. […] I wish you much luck with this!”

— Head of Mac App Store music apps

The app also got featured by Apple on the main page of Mac App Store:

The app came out on July 14, 2017 and was downloaded more than 15,000 times in the first week. Average rating is 4.7/5

The app’s design was created according to the Material Design guidelines by Google. It was then approved by the Play Market team.

UPD: the app also got the Pedalboards feature that allows to quickly switch between presets:

Mini-tour about Tonebridge for the Tabs & Chords app:

The first step allows user to listen to a guitar sample of Tonebridge effect for Burn song by Deep Purple

Design of the Pedalboards feature in Tonebridge for iOS:

User arranges several pedals into a pedalboard to be able to quickly switch between tones

Design of the Preset Request feature in Tonebridge for iOS:

Design of the 3D pedal view in Tonebridge for iOS:

Design and visual effects by Eugene Lysy, 3D model and textures by Alexander Ivanov, development by Andrey Gibadullin

The pedal turns as user moves the phone, creating an amazing presence effect. All light and shadows are processed in real time.

The pedal model was created in 3D Max, all visual effect were added in SceneKit, a 3D graphics interface for Apple’s XCode app.

The “How To Connect A Guitar To My Device” page for Tonebridge:
for iOS devices and for Android devices

Guitar images for Tonebridge, 2016:

All guitars are drawn by hand, respecting the guitars’ original proportions and sizes

Tab Approval Guide for Ultimate Guitar.

Tonebridge app icon

Design of Tonebridge app for iOS for Ultimate Guitar:

The iOS app came out on August 10, 2016 and was downloaded more than 75,000 times in the first month. Average rating is 4.9/5

Credits and thumbnail for Playing For Peace documentary filmed and directed by Andrey Matalyha:

Custom grid helps the credits look consistent and engaging

Watch the documentary:

Design at Bureau Gorbunov Design School, 2016:

Main page of an online shop
A landing page for a book
A page about Tesla car safety

Fridge magnet concept for Dodo Pizza, 2015:

Other works

Design for a vape liquid collection for Alexander Kon:

5 different tastes, portrait by Arina Solovyova

Hyperburoid Design Bureau website, 2015:

Logo and website design for Joyspotter:

Logo, landing page and interface design for ScreenDiscuss, a screenshot discussing service:

Landing page

Landing page for SqlBackupandFTP:

Landing page for 10Levels:

Website design for Andrey Matalyha, 2014:

Landing page for Bad Girl game:

Car was servise iOS app interface concept, 2013:

Get in touch: