Everyday the majority of us take 4 major risk! We get in our car and drive on the highway risking the front left front tire blowing out and running into a rail; we risk the front right tire blowing out and hitting a wall; we risk the left back tire blowing out and the car spinning out of control and we risk the right back tire blowing out and getting hit by a 18 wheeler. We optimistically take these 4 risk on a daily basis and we drive confidently with the belief the tires will not explode. What could we accomplish in our lives if optimistically and confidently took the same risk with our Dreams as we do with 4 lifeless pieces of rubber? Let’s face it, we are all risk-takers rather we realize it or not so we might as well take a risk with our Dreams! Gene The Barnabas Mosley, CEO of inGENEiousMotivation

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